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“Awareness project for underwater enthusiasts”

Dear diving institution officials, instructors, diving leaders, all diving professionals…

As the Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Movement Association, which has implemented many unique projects, the support of our diving organizations as well as the volunteers who have shared their efforts since our first day has been our driving force for the past 17 years. Once again, we sincerely thank you on behalf of our institution, our volunteers, our seas and our future generations.

Today, once again, we ask for your support. “Don’t Be Unconcercerned!” We hope you will be with us again for his project, continue your support and share our hope.

Our expectation from you, diving organizations and diving professionals, is very simple; When you go to Kaş, our pilot area, you should tell the divers in your groups about the project and direct them to use the underwater solid waste stations. The location information of our waste stations is available in the link of our stations. We also have information boards on dive boats. Our only wish is that you and your dive groups are aware of our stations and use them. Just as it is written on our baskets, Please hold whatever is not of this world, as much as you can, as much as your experience allows, bring it to our baskets. We’ll take care of the rest.

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