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April 23, Children’s Festival, Göcek

First STH Event in Göcek: Origami Workshop and Kite Festival

A series of events were held in Göcek as part of the 23 April Children’s Festival, which has been held by the Göcek Culture and Tourism Association for 22 years and was realized with great participation and enthusiasm.

First of all, under the guidance of dear Chiharu Özkaynak, little participants made paper fish, whales, etc.

In the other booth, a presentation on marine pollution, increasingly migratory species in the Mediterranean and endangered species was made with an open-air exhibition consisting of 11 visuals for the participating children and their parents. The Let’s Protect the Seas booklet, tiny flags containing threatened species were distributed to the participants, and finally, a kite was prepared and presented to each participant by our volunteers for the Kite Festival.

On this occasion, STH Göcek Representative Office, which started its activities last month, realized its first event.

Bring the festival to life with great devotion.

To the Göcek Culture and Tourism Association, which brought the festival to life with great devotion,
To Chiharu Özkaynak, who shared her skills at the origami workshop,
To our concept consultant, dear Ali Çağlar, and
With our endless thanks to all STH Volunteers…