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World Environment Day Event, Yalova

World Environment Day Event Yalova Event was held on 8 June at the Walking Mansion Beach…
We came together with the people of Yalova and primary school students at the Walking Mansion and its coast as part of the Marmara Day events, which were realized for the first time this year with the cooperation of the Union of Marmara Municipalities and Yalova Municipality.

The event program, consisting of a live broadcast from underwater, an open-air photography exhibition, and underwater cleaning and sampling diving, displayed a more colorful and interesting appearance, especially as students were able to talk and ask questions while underwater with their fellow divers.

Although the shoreline is shallow, it was a pleasure to have a very small inventory record in the cleaning and sampling dives.

While the Open Air Exhibition and the booklets “Let’s Protect Our Seas – Yalova” specially prepared for Yalova attracted great attention, the survey study prepared specifically for Yalova was met with interest beyond our expectations.

With the event, perhaps the first step has been taken for the formation of STH South Marmara, which we have dreamed of for many years.

Thirty STH Volunteers, who came together from Istanbul, Muğla, Balıkesir and Yalova, shared their hope and effort with pleasure, as always, and enabled the event to come to life.

Particularly STH Volunteers, who shared their efforts and hopes for the realization of the event,

On behalf of their hospitality and efforts, Yalova Municipality and all its employees,

The organizer of the organization is the Union of Municipalities of Marmara,

To the Yalova Marine Police Team and all its members, whose sincerity and support we are very pleased with,

To all the little participants and dear teachers who are at the center of the whole organization, who cheer up the field,

Our underwater live broadcast team, Atlantis Marine Technologies and all its employees, who took the event to a different dimension,

To MUSAS, which has now become our constant partner,

Yalova University students who not only participated in the event but also provided logistical support,

Endless thanks to Yıldız Holding Diving Group, which reached Yalova early in the morning and supported our underwater cleaning team, on behalf of our seas, on behalf of crabs and rockfish, and most importantly, on behalf of all our future generations…

STH Yalova Etkinliği