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Üsküdar Event

The Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Movement started on Saturday, January 8, 2005, in Üsküdar.

The Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Raising Movement started its long-term journey on January 8, 2005, by completing its preparatory work. The event, which was held with the participation of 54 volunteers, 35 of whom were in underwater teams, attracted great interest from the public and the media.

Volunteers working in the underwater cleaning teams removed a total of 270 pieces of solid waste from under the water at the Üsküdar Event, where the first data were obtained on the way with new approaches and long-term goals. Inventory teams created for the first time sorted, counted and recorded the solid waste removed as the first entries in the database.

Invaluable photographic and video footage was recorded by the underwater imaging teams for future display and storage in the database.

Media members actively participated in the event, which received wide coverage in the media with the participation of 15 national television channels and all newspapers.

For their sincere support and all their contributions;

  • To Üsküdar Municipality;
  • To the Liman Kahvesi, which opened its doors and supported us at every stage of the Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Raising Movement’s transition from idea to action,
  • Providing all kinds of diving equipment and being with us during the dives with their experience.
  • To the Lighthouse Diving Center,
  • To Eftalya Underwater Sports
  • To Kadıköy Underwater Center and Badim Cafe;
  • To the Digital Studio for its fast and devoted support in the preparation of printed materials,
  • Supporting the event with an underwater doctor, I.Ü. Capa Faculty of Medicine Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Department,
  • To SÜFSAK members who make efforts to reach the targeted scientific data,
  • To the Üsküdar Şifa Bath, which opens its warm doors to our divers,

and finally, endless thanks to all media members who listened to our call and found “news value” in our event…

Kamera, kurgu ve montaj: Bengiz Özdereli

According to the inventory results of January 8, 2005 Üsküdar activity, there are two important sources of pollution.

First, although they no longer exist, the restaurant at this point until July 2004 is dominated by the waste from the boats. Impressions from dives to the same spot in July 2004 (no recorded data) suggest that at least this element has been blocked. We would like to thank the local administration in this regard.

The second element seems to be more important than the first. Because it shows that the people of the region are directly responsible. Undoubtedly, there are also some unintentionally falling into the sea among the materials removed. However, the rate of some materials gives clues that the people of the region do not have enough awareness and sensitivity about environmental pollution. The trash cans at the same spot seem to be quite sufficient in number. This supports the concern about insensitivity and unconsciousness.

In addition, one of the existing concrete flower pots on the beach was thrown into the sea just one day after it was taken out during the event, and then the number of these pots increased to three, and a bench was added next to them; In addition to unconsciousness and insensitivity, it indicates the existence of some deliberate approaches and a vacuum of authority at this point.


First of all, the Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Movement will promptly respond to any call for help made by you for intentionally discarded materials such as pots in question. On the other hand, it is important in our opinion to monitor this point separately and, if possible, to identify the perpetrators.

In the light of the available data, the Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Raising Movement is ready for any kind of cooperation on the development of a project aimed at raising awareness for the people of the region. Our suggestion is to start a periodical campaign with the participation of volunteer students on the coastline. During the campaign, the area between the Sea Bus Pier and Kuşkonmaz Mosque will be constantly monitored by the volunteers who will take charge, and instant communication will be possible with those who throw garbage in the sea. The content of the campaign, communication and awareness raising methods can also be discussed.

Creating a cooperation platform will be a very effective method of raising awareness in communicating the education program to be prepared in the light of the visual and scientific data we have obtained to children through panels to be organized in primary education institutions.

In our opinion, displaying the visual materials obtained from the event at certain points to be determined within the boundaries of the local government (where human circulation is high) will also be effective.