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“Don’t be Unconcerned!” Project Started

“Awareness project for underwater enthusiasts”

TRT Haber

The new and original STH Project started on June 5, World Environment Day, in Hidayet Bay, Kaş, with the support of Kaş District Governorship and Kaş Municipality and in cooperation with KASAD.

The first waste station was placed in Hidayet Bay by the team consisting of Kaş District Governor Şaban Arda Yazıcı, STH Volunteers Hazal Işık and Göksel Gökmen. STH Volunteers, Natura Blue boat and crew provided surface support to the works displayed by the underwater photographer Nejdet Demirtaş.

In line with the data to be obtained in the pilot application, the remaining stations will be placed at the points determined on 1 July Cabotage Day.

Diving centers that are members of KASAD (Kaş Underwater Association) will play an important role in the success of the project by making the project known to the divers with the briefings they will give, as well as the posters they hang on their boats.

For their efforts and support in the realization of the project,
T.R. To Kas District Governorate,
To the Mayor of Kas,
To Kaş Underwater Association (KASAD),
Endless thanks to Natura Blue Diving Center and its staff…