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Membership and Support

STH is an independent organization from all institutions and organizations. Its budget consists only of the dues of its members. There may be financial needs in various projects.

If you want to support STH, you can become a member of our association, participate in events, donate in kind or in cash, or become a sponsor.

Association Membership

Principal Membership

Principal members are those who have the right to vote in the general assembly of the association and can take part in the executive bodies of the association. It is sufficient for the member candidates who want to be in this status to fill in the Principal Member Application Form, which is among the annexes, and send two photographs and a photocopy of the Identity Card to the STH Association Center. Admission to membership is decided upon by the Board of Directors at the first meeting and notified to the member candidate.

The membership entrance fee (for one time only) is 50 YTL and the annual membership fee is 120 YTL for the Principal Members.

Honorary Membership

It is a membership status given by the STH General Assembly and/or the Board of Directors for their work and support.

Honorary Members do not pay dues, they can attend the general assembly but cannot vote. They cannot take part in the executive bodies of the association.

They can benefit from the membership rights determined in the charter of the association and express their opinions.

For your dues payments and/or donations;

Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Movement Association
Yapı Kredi Bank, Kaş Branch – IBAN: TR21 0006 7010 0000 0049 1851 22