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Event Participation Form

Anyone can participate in STH Events, there are no prerequisites. Volunteers who want to take part in all teams are given a detailed briefing on the functioning of the units before the event. You can find detailed information about the event units from the STH Event Units link.

For the volunteers who will be in our underwater teams, certificate restrictions may be imposed depending on the diving point. You can find detailed information on the STH Diving Principles link. Provided that it is reported on the form, equipment support is provided -free of charge- by our association.

Event Participation Form

STH Etkinliklerine katılmak için aşağıdaki formu doldurmanız yeterlidir.nnSualtı ekiplerimizde yer almak istiyorsanız lütfen önce STH Dalış İlkeleri'ni okuyunuz.

İletişim Bilgileriniz

Your Participation Preferences

Please select the unit you want to join:
If you are going to take part in underwater teams, please fill in the section below.
Please specify your equipment needs in detail (size, foot number, weight, etc.) if any. There is no charge for equipment supply.