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About Us

What we do?

Who we are?

The Underwater Cleaning and Awareness Movement is solely independent and voluntary organization. We aim to attract attention and raise awareness of the public on culture, ecosystem, life and pollution of marine-life by focusing on solid waste pollution. The target audience of this movement is not institutions nor organizations, but individuals themeselves who create to society.

How do we work?

Exhibiting of solid waste items collected from underwater at the points with high human traffic within events actually holds the basis of our work.

On the other hand, we hold film screening presentations at primary-level education institutions troughout to year.


Although the idea of ​​STH may seem remote at first glance, it is focused on measurable goals. For this purpose, inventory studies, database and control dives are carried out. The concept of measurable goals, which constitutes one of the main elements of the STH vision, brings with it the obligation to be periodic and to conduct scientific-based studies. Another important factor is to ensure the continuity of the voluntary-independent STH Volunteer formation. In this way, the STH organization is able to maintain its independent and impartial approach and is a respected reference source.